Managing Director's Message

(Dr. N.C. Lunayach)

"It has been observed that in the present, generation knowledge is increasing whereas wisdom Is diminishing.
Every individual has so much extended ones body through ones control over television, computer, Internet & other electronic machines that at times It compels us to think what Is it that has happened to man? Man has become machine & his soul seems to be stagnant. It is not growing correspondingly.
There is disproportion between the growth of wisdom & the increase of knowledge It"...Read More

Director's Message

(Mr. Kuldeep Singh)

"Education is to help us to meet the moral change of the age & play in the Life of the community, it should be liberating & life giving, it must give a basic meaning to personality & existence.
What is that this country is lacking in? Manpower it has,great culture & tradition it has, natural resources it has,but why we all are lagging behind in the battle? Why are we going with a beggar's bowl before other countries for industrial materials, for food products, for technology & for other thi"...Read More

Principal's Message

(Mrs. Prema Kavia)

"Shaping young, impressionable minds is one of life’s biggest challenges!
Students at NK Public School are nurtured and treasured with immersive learning opportunities across disciplines, whole-heartedly dedicated to develop exceptional students who can pursue their interests and vigor and channelize their exceptional enriched knowledge in building a better world.
We are committed to the complete development of a student; this includes academic knowledge, social skills, intellectual"...Read More

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Scouts & Guides conducted COVID Concerned Rally

NK Scouts & Guides' Eco Club conducted a rally in the Rajawas area on 22 November 2021 for spreading awareness among people of the disastrous effects of Corona and its new Variant OMICRON. The.. Read

Admission Open for Session 2022-23

For admission related queries call / text or whatsapp message to 9785500048.. Read

Social Concern during pandemic COVID-19

School Management has taken a big dicision to waive off Three Months (April, May & June 2020) Tuition Fee... Read

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